Someday…. somewhere

“Traveling”  is one word that always cheers me up whenever I’m feeling a little low. It’s like trying to tell myself that “sooner or later, when I’m done with all of these I’ll be gone traveling… somewhere out there.”  

My interest in traveling started years back when I was still doing freelance consultancy jobs. I had the luxury of time back then as I didn’t have to go to work from 9am to 6pm every single day. It was like going to the office only when ever necessary; meetings, project updates, status updates or when ever I was feeling bored working at home. With this set up, I could time management is a no brainer and I got the chance to do my extra curricular activities. I had a choice to finish the  five days (40-hr)  task  in less than three days working at home; so, that leaves me four free days in one week. During  those days I was able to go on  a week long break traveling to different places without having difficulty dealing with my workload. I remember there was a time when I was having a chat with a friend over a cup of cappuccino and out of the blue there was an eagerness to leave town. So, I went home a bit early that night and tried to do a little work so we could leave the following day. And yes I found myself  hundreds of miles away from home by afternoon the following day. How I loved having a really flexible time at work.  

At this very moment I’m thinking of Angkor Wat. I’ve been to several countries in Asia but I’ve never been to Cambodia. I’m looking at the idea of traveling alone this year or early next year and my destination will be Cambodia. This is not definite yet but I’ve been thinking about it recently.  

Angkor Wat

I once told my friends that I feel like doing some sort of  backpacking but instead of supporting me with this idea, all I got from them were raised eye brows and some sarcastic remarks. Don’t get me wrong; they are not some kind of  evil step sisters, they just know me very well and they don’t believe that I can survive backpacking.  I really admire those women who go traveling/backpacking alone and I wish that someday I could do it too as it sounds really fun and interesting.


2 thoughts on “Someday…. somewhere”

  1. I’m one of those women that daydreams of doing this too! I’m going solo to Vnacouver in a few days for four months, not nearly Cambodia or anywhere exotic, but someday I’d love to backpack NZ or Aus by myself, or even with my boyfriend. Life is too short to spend it all in one place!

  2. Oh, I want to go, too!! Cambodia is also up on my list. Backpacking— I think I can learn to handle that. I think it’s wonderful how people backpack all over Europe… but I am dreaming too much. =D

    I am so jealous of your travels, Wandering Lass. Every trip I have made so far involved careful planning.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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