Ice gorge in Gobi desert

One of the reasons why we visited the Gobi desert is to see the ice gorge.  I guess the 14-hour drive from UB to Gobi, getting lost along the way and spending the night with total strangers’ ger in the middle of nowhere is all worth it. After a long argument with our driver (he wanted to follow his itinerary rather than ours, when in fact we hired him as our driver and not as a tour leader),  over an hour drive from the camp, a camel ride (again, our driver took the liberty of booking a horse ride for us without even informing us, obviously we declined the horse ride and opted for a camel ride that seemed to take forever to reach the ice gorge ),  and a few minutes of walking, I  guess it’s all worth it. 

We were a little hesitant to choose the ice gorge over sand dunes as part of our itinerary that day. We thought that we might not see the real ice gorge as it was summer time but the lady from the camp gave us an assurance that we wouldn’t be disappointed.  So, we skipped he big sand dunes as we’ve already seen the small ones on our way to the camp. I know it was really sad to miss those big sand dunes but we didnt have that much time as we needed to go back to UB as scheduled to see the opening ceremony of the Naadam festival.   The sand dunes trip was originally part of our itinerary but we got lost on our way to the camp and forced to spend the night somewhere in Gobi, spend another few more hours changing/fixing tires the following morning and spending another few more hours finding our way to Three Camel Lodge. In effect, we lost one precious day in Gobi, we missed the chance to see big sands. I just told myself, “at least I was able to see the ice gorge”. 

I have a lot of nice photos but I can’t  post them all here as they’re going to be included in the book.   

ice gorge

2 thoughts on “Ice gorge in Gobi desert”

  1. Wish I could visit Mongolia again in the future so I could see those sand dunes, and maybe I would book the flight months ahead so I wouldnt get lost in Gobi again. It was a fun adventure though:)

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