It’s still spinning….

I realized that I haven’t been writing for nearly 2 weeks now. It’s mainly because my schedule has been really crazy these past few weeks.

To make matters worse, I suffered from a severe vertigo attack last week and I’m still not totally feeling well now. I was refered to a  ENT doctor for further tests, and so I did pay a visit yesterday.  I’m glad there were no serious findings. I was given another prescription and advised to take the medications and come back after a week. She prescribed me Betahistine to be taken during daytime and Cinnarize at bedtime. Cinnarizine makes me really drowsy and makes it really difficult to make my brain cells and eyes awake at work. The doctor  advised me not move too quickly, I was like… am I supposed to move like a robot? 

This condition is driving me nuts, and I’m really worried now  that it might happen again, what if I’m up in the air and then suddenly my world started spinning again and I started vomiting. Oh God, please don’t let this happen to me. I remember my friend sending  me a text message saying  “get well soon, we still got more traveling to do in the future”. Maybe I just need to be a girl scout and stuff my bag with  lots of  Betahistines and Cinnarizines. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s still spinning….”

  1. Oh dear! Vertigo is not a great thing to have. Sometimes last year, the day after our London trip, I was on my way to work when I nearly fell off our staircase… good job I fell backwards otherwise I would’ve fallen on my face… not a joke, I’m telling ya! So, instead of having a face like I’ve just had ten rounds with Mike Tyson, I had bumpy head for at least a week… so I truly feel for you. Get well soon… Stemetil worked for me. Get well soon Nimfy in time for your Malaysian escapade!!!! xxx

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