The islets of Halong Bay

I’m pretty sure that most people will agree with me that whenever we hear Halong Bay, the first thing that comes to our minds is the image of  those two big rocks that look like they grew up from the bottom of the sea. During that sunset cruise in Halong Bay, I learned that almost all of the islands and islets in Halong bay actually have their respective names.   

The most popular one is called Ga Choi islet or Fighting Cocks. This is the logo of the Halong Bay. Almost everyone gathered on one side of the boat after our captain told us that we were approaching the famous fighting cocks.   

The Fighting Cocks


 Everybody wanted to have their photos taken with the fighting cocks on the background. Well, I also got mine but it didn’t look great so I’d rather not post it.   

Fighting Cocks


I wasnt able to remember the names of the other islets; well, they were all in Vietnamese language so that explains it.  The islet in the photo below is called the Dinh Huong or Incense Burner.   

Dinh Huong


What’s the point of driving to Halong City from Hanoi for more than 2 hours and paying quite a steep amount without seeing this spectacular view?  Well, we almost didn’t get to see the Halong Bay… that swindler sinjao 🙂 Yeah that’s the name we gave  our tour guide after that incident. More  of the  Halong Bay story next time….


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