Looking Forward to Flying

Preparing for the trip is as exciting as the  actual traveling. I’m not a fan of group tour packages, I want to do the preparations on my own; besides, I hate  restricted itineraries.  I don’t like early morning call time or rushing through my meal so that other people  in the group wont have to waste their time waiting for me. Traveling for me is not just being there and seeing the place. I want see what’s beyond the front line (not the exotic food of course, but I give it a try sometimes)

I’m travelling to Malaysia [with friends] last week of August but the flights have been booked as early as February.  I wasnt actually planning on going to Malaysia this year as I’ve been there already but when I found out that the airline was having a big sale, I talked to my friends and lured them into traveling, and it didn’t take long for them to say yes. Who could resist it when the roundtrip ticket only cost me less than the actual price of my La coste handbag? Well,  I got the bag on sale too at Duty Free shop in Korea so basically it’s the same as the price of the tickets. Yeah, I guess I just divulged one thing about me, I’m a big fan of sale…. airline tickets, bags, shoes, clothes (as long as they are not too outdated) . I was browsing the net earlier looking for something that’s on sale too in Kuala Lumpur, accommodations.  My friends know that I’m quite picky when it comes to accommodation but I told them that it’s not a big deal to me if we will stay in a 3-star hotel. At least we can all save some cash for shopping and other activities.

I was also searching for activities/things to do  in KL, I heard that my friends want to try caving but I’ve been to a few caves already so I thought I need to find something else to do while they’re away exploring the caves. I came across this site that offers various tours and tourist activities in KL. They offer a certain tour that seems very interesting to me.. I know I said that I dont like packaged tours but this one is different and I certainly  cannot do it on my own. It’s the one thing that I’ve been dreaming of doing someday even for just less than an hour. The ad says…  Become One Day Pilot.  Yeah I’m looking forward to doing it, only it’s not for one day…  just less than an hour 🙂


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Flying”

  1. look at the cute little Cessna 152! I did the first part of my commercial training in one of those aircraft. They pretty much just gave us the keys and carte blanche to fly wherever we wanted; I think I’ve landed at every commercial airport in Oklahoma… its a small plane, but reliable 🙂

    1. Thanks for the word “reliable” 🙂
      Honestly I’m scared but I feel like I really need to try it. I’m really curious what it is like to fly even a small plane. Anyway still got nearly 2 months to think about it.

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