Priority #1

Take a really deep breath,  concentrate, prioritize and most of all don’t panic… I keep repeating these words to myself these past couple of weeks.  With all those things that I want to do,I guess I need more than 30 hours a day.    

Just the other day, my passion for bag design all came back to me in an instant, so I ended up rummaging though my boxed stuff to look for that piece of cloth that I bought while traveling a few years back. While thinking of pursuing that [weekend class]  bag design course, it suddenly hit me that the book is still and always waiting to be written. With all the busy work schedules these days, I was left with no other better options but to do the writing on weekends since I need extended working hours almost everyday. Not to mention, the domestic chores that I need to do every weekend,  I guess hiring a weekend maid is a not very practical option for me these days. So, I decided that it’s the book that I must prioritize since the deadline that I set for it is just around the corner now.  Really can’t wait to see those beautiful photographs printed on glossy papers of a hardbound book, sitting on the coffee table.    

 Below is a random sample page with reduced image resolution. It’s from the Maldives part of the book.    

speed boats



4 thoughts on “Priority #1”

  1. Hi there! Beautiful photo! When will the book be released?? How exciting to watch your art turn into something that other people will be able to love and use as well 🙂

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