iPad or no iPad

Waking up as early as 11am on a Sunday is very rare. I normally get up after 1pm or whenever I’m feeling hungry already. Let’s just say that I’m just taking advantage of the weekend. This Sunday is very unusual as I got up at 11am, I was forcing myself to go back to sleep but I was feeling kind of  hungry already so I got up and made myself a cup of coffee and toasts. I was still feeling too lazy to go back to decluttering my place (which I started last night) so I thought maybe I should go online  a bit to check my inbox then a quick peek on wordpress.

As I was browsing on several sites, I came across an article about iPad. Then suddenly I thought of getting myself one. I must admit I’m not that much into gadgets, I’m already happy with the basics.  I love having  a few essentials, it’s just that I’m not the kind of person who buys a new mobile phone or a new iPod after a few months or whenever there’s a new model. I was staring at the pictures of  iPad on my screen and trying to figure out if I really need it. I was trying to convince myself that I need one. If I have it, I can go online anywhere anytime and it’s much lighter and smaller than my netbook so I can carry them around in my handbag and the best thing is there’s  Wordpress for iOS.  Then suddenly it hit me that I have an iPod touch which I can use if I just want to have a quick read while sitting and having cappuccino at the coffee shop. But God knows where the iTouch  is now, I haven’t used it for quite a long time now.  I also got reminded of  my old PDA  that I found  in one of the boxes  last month while cleaning. It has been there for years now and it’s totally broken now; it was still working when I stopped using it though. 

This iPad looks interesting, but do I really need it? Maybe I’m just being  impulsive again, and I might also forget all about it after a few months. I guess I need to wait for a couple of months before I finally decide if I’m getting myself one. Besides I can already go somewhere with its price. Obviously I still prefer traveling and exploring other places over buying gadgets 🙂


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