Another Saturday at work

Working on a Saturday is something everyone doesn’t look forward to. But for me this is not something unusual. There are times that I prefer working on weekend especially when I really need to concentrate on a complicated program logic or when I’m beating tight deadlines.  

Yesterday was another working Saturday, this time I opted to work on weekend as I need to take a day off within the week. I wasnt feeling very well when I woke up but I had to work so I wont fall behind my deadline.  I was feeling a bit weak and too lazy to organize my stuff  and my weekend handbag that’s why I used the pink tote bag that I used the previous day. Besides, I needed to bring my netbook with me and a wireless broadband modem [as  we only have limited internet connections at work] so I could still go online when I need to.  

too much pinks


I was thinking of leaving wok earlier since I wasnt feeling too well already but I couldn’t seem to leave an unsolved problem, I know it would still haunt me even when I’m already home and I would think about it and how to solve it. Sometimes I really hate it, guess I’m really not that good at dealing with an unfinished business. Well, it was a productive Saturday, was able to  finish what I came to work for. I was planning to drop by Starbucks to get a latte before going home but I was feeling sick already so I just went straight home to get some rest.  Yeah, my system is quite addicted to caffeine, I drink coffee anytime of the day [or night].


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