Either I do it or I regret it

How many times have we looked back  and told ourselves.. I wish I did, or asked why didn’t I do it? This morning as I was getting ready for work, something hit me.. and it did hit me really hard and it was more specific now. I sat down for a few minutes trying to recollect my thoughts before I finally reached for the keys and headed towards the door thinking that I will soon forget about it once my brain cells started working on its daily activities at work. But I was wrong, it kept coming back to me all day. So I decided that I will definitely do it since it’s been long overdue now, just need a little more time as there is a crucial planning needed.  To make matters worse, my long to-do list all came back to me in an instant. All those things that I really wanted to do for a long time now plus the things that I regret not doing when I had the chance.  For instance, I lived and worked in San Francisco  for over 2 months but I never got to go near the Golden Gate bridge and the Alcatraz. I was thinking that I could visit these places some other time as I was supposed to come back  after spending christmas and new year back home. But things changed after the holidays and  it’s been over ten years now and I havent came back to the U.S. yet.

So after that, I told myself that whatever it is that I want to do,  and if given the chance, I wouldn’t delay it anymore as I don’t want to look back (in regret) anymore. First things first, all I need is to manage my time and resources properly.  Looking back, it also hit me that I wanted to be an engineer at an early age. I was in 4th grade when I decided that I’d be a civil engineer one day, I wanted to build houses and high-rise buildings. But the thing is, I wasnt good in drawing.  I got scared and I thought I wouldn’t make it, I wouldn’t be a successful  engineer so I decided to take up B.S. Computer Science instead. Well, I’m not saying that I regret it, it’s just that I always have this what if … what if I tried it?  I remember someone told me.. “at least you’re still an engineer now.. . software engineer that is.”  Now, that was funny 🙂


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