Another Unusual Toilet

I know this article may not sound interesting to others but this is still part of my travel experience in Mongolia so I thought I should still post it.  

This is related to my previous post.. largest toilets in the world  . Some of you might be wondering how I did on our way back to Ulaanbaatar. Well, having experienced such a huge embarrassment and difficulties, I should say I’ve learned my lessons.  I had a proper breakfast before  we left Three Camel Lodge knowing that it was going to be a very long drive again. I made a several trips to the toilet before leaving as I didn’t want to be embarrassed [that much] again. In almost 14hrs of travel I only had an apple, an orange, a handful of several kinds of nuts and about 500ml of water.  I intentionally lessen my water intake and it was very difficult for me as I normally drink lots of water.  Our first stop was in a small [ghost] town. It only had a few box-like buildings, there were also a few kids  selling crystals and other souvenirs to tourists. There was a small cafe where our driver had his breakfast but  X and I didn’t bother to try the food. I was a little glad to find a place like just a few hours after leaving the camp so I went inside to buy 2 cans of coke, actually my main purpose was to use the toilet. So I told the driver that I wanted to go to the toilet and if he could possibly ask where the toilet is. To my disappointment again, he said that it was just outside the building. I was like, “outside? in this area?”  With all the disappointment on my face, I went out and looked around. I saw a fenced area on my left and the gate was open so I told X to go with me. It occurred to me then that at least the public wont see but I still couldn’t believe it so I decided that I will just use the one I had before, another very large toilet all to myself. Just when we were about to go back to the car, I spotted this thing.  

another one

Out of curiosity, I came closer and tried to figure out what it was. I told myself this couldn’t be the toilet but as I was getting closer, the evidence was getting stronger.  And yes, it was a toilet.  For all of you who have seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire, you’ve got an idea now what it was like inside. I’ve perfectly learned my lessons now.. Dont drink too much water while on the [extremely remote] road.


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