First overseas trip for 2010

I aim to have at least one overseas trip every year even if it is just a 3-hour flight from home. I can let go of  other things that I really love but not traveling, even if it means cutting down on bags and shoes.  I’m already happy now that I was able to see a very very little part of the globe… and it wont stop there. I’ll definitely strive to see more.   

As I was browsing the net earlier, I realized that I still need to sort out the accommodation in Kuala  Lumpur. This is going to be my first overseas trip for 2010. The flights were booked 2 months ago when the airlines went on sale… and I mean SALE. I didnt hesitate when I saw it and convinced some good friends of mine  (and yeah, they’re bringing their partners…. and I dont even have one lol ) to travel as well. I’m also trying to sort out the schedule as there might be a Singapore side-trip again. I dont know what to see and where to go in and around KL so I guess I better start doing some research soon. I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu once but never been to KL. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of KL is the Petronas 🙂  I’m so looking forward to this trip, I’m sure it will be a really fun time bonding with friends, and not to mention my favorite activity while traveling, photography. I love taking loads of photos so I can share my experience with friends and relatives who havent been out of the country.  I will really appreciate getting some inputs here about the interesting places in KL 🙂  

Petronas Towers

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