I want to travel… alone

For a few years now I’ve been contemplating on traveling overseas alone. This is one fear that I need to overcome sooner. There were a few occasions before that I almost booked a flight to a neighboring country just for the sake of satisfying my curiosity of what it is like traveling to a foreign land on my own. I want to see myself wandering around  as if I’m just strolling around the mall looking for a new pair of high heels lol  Maybe I should try it [even for just a few days]  sooner than later.  It’s making me a bit nervous now lol but I know this is going to be fun and exciting, maybe I just need to be more friendly.


2 thoughts on “I want to travel… alone”

  1. i love it! go for it! i’m about to do the very same thing myself. Also – RoughGuides has an amazing book called First Time Around The World that will answer 90% of your questions…. thanks for reading my blog!

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