A new project

Developing a new hobby once in while really helps me forget all those stuff that give me too much stress.  I’ve tried doing too many  projects already but there’s one thing that I’ve been contemplating on doing for a few years now.  

I finished work late last night but I still didn’t want to go home yet so I dropped by the mall in the hopes of finding something interesting. First, there were so many dvds on sale so I grabbed a few old titles. Then suddenly I realized that I needed to buy some art  brushes… Yes that’s right… I’ve been wanting to try doing a little painting session but I just couldn’t get myself to grab a brush. So last night I decided that I would try it,  and if I didnt like it after all, at least I gave it a try and I wouldn’t wonder anymore what it is like being an artist for a day. I initially planned on getting some watercolor brushes but I ended up getting more. Got myself a few brushes, a set of acrylic paints and 2 canvases. The funny thing was… I bumped into a colleague of mine while I was at the check out counter and he asked me if I paint. I wish I could say “yes, I do paint.” Just another wishful thinking 🙂  

Here are some of my beginner’s materials and I hope I would be able to start soon.  

waiting to be opened and painted on the canvas


watercolor and acrylic

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