Healthy Liquor

I get restless and impatient whenever I get stuck at the airport for a few hours with nothing else to do apart from reading a book and occasional people-watching. Travelling in Vietnam during Vietnamese new year is kind of tricky.  It’s a combination of travelling overnight on an overloaded bus and getting stuck at the airport (which happens to be in the middle of nowhere) for a few hours.  I got so impatient while at the Nha Trang airport [waiting for our flight to Hanoi] and decided to have a look around for some souvenirs. There was not a single thing that really caught my attention. I was about to give up and head back to my seat when I found these very interesting authentic Vietnamese wines.  

They always say that a glass of red wine is good for the heart.  Yes, I  can drink two or more occasionally, I’ve been able to down a bottle in just  one sitting too.. but that was a big mistake, I ended up having migraine at work the following day.  I’m not into red wines I must admit 🙂    How about this  special and rare kind of wine that is believed to have so many health benefits? Can I drink it?  My answer is a big ……..” HELL NO”   

authentic vietnamese wine


When I saw these bottles on the shelves, I could imagine the snakes jumping out of the bottles 🙂 Well, im scared of snakes. How on earth can someone drink this liquor? Just looking at these pictures now gives me goose bumps already  lol  

snake wines


There were hundreds of these weird-looking bottled stuff but I really couldn’t take it anymore. Just took three photos and went back to my seat.  

looks like some kind of root crops from afar

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