Wandering all day on a Monday

Lack of sleep on a Sunday night is really not a good idea.. not only it makes me so sleepy at work but it makes me  wander all day as well. I tried really hard to concentrate but I always got distracted as there was this thing that keeps flashing at the back of my head. Sometimes I couldn’t resist doing some mental calculations too. It was like… how much do I need to set aside every payday to be able to travel to a certain destination real soon… or who I want to go with.. or where I want to go next.. or when I should go.. These thoughts keep bothering me almost everyday, and sometimes I end up staring at my coffee until it gets cold lol I even came to a point where I told myself that if I would give up my latte and cappuccino [not everyday though as they keep me awake and sane ] , cheesecake and brownies until my next trip then I’d be able to save some money maybe good enough for 3 to 4  nights in a not-so-cheap hotel.  Yeah that’s me when I want  something so bad…  nothing is impossible anyway.  Maybe I should start doing it tomorrow, these stuff are fattening anyway lol yeah I’m trying really hard to convince myself here 🙂


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