Singapore side-trip

I spent almost 8 hours (transit time) in Singapore and it was all worth it. Instead of staying at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Maldives, I decided to go out and see the city even for just a few  hours. Well, I’ve actually pre-arranged it before I left as I have a friend living in Singapore and she promised to show me around. So, I checked in early for the connecting flight and went out to see a bit of Singapore. We were having some catching up, and she was also telling me things about the place we’re going to see that day and suddenly she made a long pause while staring at my feet… then she said [half laughing] something like…  “Nimfa, we’re going to Sentosa and you’re wearing high heels.” We both ended up laughing, told her that I was quite excited to be out of the airport and totally forgot to change into a comfortable walking shoes that I had in my bag which I’ve already checked in. So I decided to buy a pair of  flip-flops, they are for just a few hours anyway,  and chucked my pretty high heels in my hand bag. They were my favorites those days,  couldn’t seem to leave without them lol      


not that high actually.. just a little over 3 inches

So this is me without my favorite heels, looking 3 inches shorter … 🙂 Not sure if the new pink flip-flops are visible here. Yes, you got it right, they’re pink again. As far as I can remember, there were no other colors available for my size lol      

with the new flip-flops
maybe i should try it next time

I like to try a little bit of adventure every now and then especially when I’m traveling, but I still can’t consider myself as an adventurous person. When I was wandering around Sentosa 2 years ago, I got so tempted to try something new, something I’ve been thinking of doing but couldn’t get myself to do it. My friend tried her best to convince me and I almost gave in, but in the end I told myself… maybe next time. 🙂 

someday i will try this

4 thoughts on “Singapore side-trip”

    1. I wasnt able to explore Singapore too, that’s why I’m planning a short trip this year. There’s a lot in Sentosa – beach, hotels, spa, golf course, theme park and many more..

  1. I remember the snake guy… I went for a tour of the prison that held WWII POWs, it appeared to still be in use for criminals. I remember taking a sign saying “stay back or you will be shot.” Those photos are packed up and in storage (before digital), some day I”ll dig them out and post them too 🙂

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