Sun… Sand… and Sea

Here comes the …. sun, sand and sea.  Pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear water, in short summer getaways once again.  I love going to the beach,  but I don’t really swim.. how ironic is that? lol  Well, I do swim a little though. Just being there is enough for me. I can just sit by the beach all day sipping one of those colorful drinks with a cute little umbrella while people-watching 🙂 or strolling along the shore taking photographs and watching that beautiful sunset. I have been to so many beaches here and abroad in the last few years but I couldn’t find photos of me in a bikini.. lol Guess I’m missing a lot.. maybe I’ll try it next time 🙂                       

Here are some of  my beach holidays , in no particular order.                      

Puerto Galera – with friends from work.                  

Going  to the beach every summertime is a yearly tradition at work. It’s that time of the year that everybody looks forward to as we get the chance to take a short break from our hectic schedules. We go to different places every year.. The photo below was our 2007 summer getaway in Puerto Galera.           

posing for a photo while looking for a place to eat



This photo was taken in 2004,  another Puerto Galera summer but with a different set of friends. It was another spur-of-the-moment trip. I started being a little adventurous during this trip, that’s why it’s memorable to me. And also, it was skinniest summer ever , it’s not obvious here but believe me, I was  20 lbs underweight that time 🙂        

just enjoying the view


________________________________________________________________________________________                  Last Last minute easter road trip to Pagudpud.    

 Holy week break plus one more official (public) holiday sounds good enough for a short summer break at the beach. Unfortunately, I couldnt travel alone, especially if it was a beach getaway. Friends had this annual holy week obligations at the church and they couldnt be  away until Saturday, meaning  there were only 3 days left for the holiday. It was Saturday afternoon already when we finally decided to push through. We drove for  12hrs up north, so basically Saturday was spent on the road.      

i was under the shade


still under the shade



The powdery white  sand of Boracay. 

There will be a separate post for Boracay holiday.  I just wanted to post these photos here as part of the beach holidays post.                  

he's enjoying it too


sunset in Boracay



Nha Trang, Vietnam  

This was the view from the hotel balcony. From this spot, I could see half of Nha trang beach i guess.                   

Nha Trang beach


Just relaxing over a cup of cappuccino



My favorite of them all… Maldives                  

Just a little souvenir



The unexploited islands of Palawan                 

Pandan Island


Pandan Island


Pandan Island


Sabang beach (gateway to the underground river)

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