Bangkok ’09

I was browsing holiday photos again today and was hoping to find those missing Maldives photos but there was no luck still, instead I found those photos from Bangkok holiday that I and two girl friends took last Dec 2009 and decided to post them here.       

It was my first real overseas holiday with friends (that Jakarta trip last 2006 was a combination of work and holiday). It was a great time being away from work for a short time bonding with good friends, trying out local/street  food which I didn’t do during my previous visits in Bangkok and shopping at night markets till 1am. The first street food that I tried was a sausage made of pork, rice and rice noodles, it was ok but it was a little greasy.  After almost 6 hours of shopping at the malls and walking around the city we decided to have dinner in an open air fast food that we passed by while exploring the city. It was all hot and spicy, im not a fan of spicy food but at least I’ve got to taste some local food.       

spicy fried rice with seafood and fresh fruit shake


floating market souvenirs


We went to the floating market on our last day. Our flight back home was at around 11pm, so we packed our bags, checked out early and leave our bags at the hotel and arranged a quick visit  to the  floating market  (I’ve been there before but my friends wanted to see it)   We had a little situation there when our driver dropped us at the boat station instead of going straight to the market. So, being the one who’ s familiar with the place, I tried to explain to the boatman that we didn’t want to take a canal tour, and besides he was charging us USD40 approx for a few minutes.  I was kind of losing my patience already but i stayed firm, there were 3 men,  insisting that we should try the canal tour.. and no matter I how hard I tried to refuse the offer, they didn’t seem to hear me.   So, I raised my voice and told the driver that we wanted to leave right away and go straight to the market.      

bangkok spices
bangkok spices


I’ve seen this spices shop when I was in Bangkok in 2006. Was surprised to see it again, I remember I also took a photo of this shop the last time I was there.  I just couldn’t resist taking photos of those colorful spices 🙂     


There were lots of interesting finds in bangkok… from colorful bags, wall decors, clothes.. even some weird wooden  ash trays.     


food vendors


they're a bit off


some more souvenirs


some more souvenirs

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