Wanted: Flaming Cliffs photos

I was browsing through my older posts and I realized that I still have too many pending posts. This is due to my sort-of-hectic work schedule plus my so-called book-schedule 🙂 and lately I’ve been spending quite a lot of time reading chick lits (well, this is to lighten up the mood a bit) lol  The purpose of my frequent trips to the bookshop is to get some ideas about the kind of book that I’m doing now but I normally end up buying chick lits and reading them once I get home, and maybe I’m going to start reading Ayn Rand books again sooner or later. I kind of miss John Galt and Dagny plus Howard and Dominique and the rest of them. But first I need to focus and work on my book as much as I can.  I’m running out of time already.

 To my disappointment, I found out yesterday that there’s one set of holiday photos missing. I think maybe I have deleted them accidentally when I was organizing my holiday photos. This is sad, I now have to make use of the remaining photos of that place plus some great magic works of my graphic artist.  One more thing, none of my  flaming cliffs photos look exceptionally great.  (I wish somebody would lend me  original/personal flaming cliffs photos, i promise to give him/her credits 😉 ) It was not a great time of the day when we went to Bayanzag and we didnt have that much time to wait for the bright sunlight. It was our last day in Gobi and we needed to head back to UB that morning on a 14-hr 4WD journey.  It was one great experience indeed.


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