time to rethink….

I told myself before that I don’t want to turn this blog into a usual me-my-musings kind of stuff but sometimes I cant help it especially nowadays when there are so much going on in my used-to-be-a-little-boring daily life. 

Being in a catholic country, where  holy week is highly observed nationwide, everybody gets to take a 4-day off every year. I used to look forward to this break in the past few years but now I wish could fast forward everything. Getting stuck at home alone for two whole days made me feel like being stranded  alone in an island for a whole month, never been stranded in an island though, and im certainly not looking forward to it. I was planning to visit my parents during this break but I decided to cancel it at the last minute. Guess I’m still not ready to answer their whys and hows once they’ve discovered what happened to my  then-lovelife.  Good thing they didn’t ask me how X was during  those phone conversations i had with them in the last two weeks.  At least this holy week break gave me time to rethink and analyze everything… well, that was after i ran out of dvds to watch. Nursing a broken heart  tends to be expensive.. changing hairstyles and expensive hair treatments and shopping for things which i really can live without. At least I get to free my mind from all the those thoughts that I’m trying hard to avoid, happy thoughts that make me really sad… that’s how ironic life can be.


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