Somewhere else… something else

Things have not been great since the start of this month and it’s draining all my energy everyday. Wish I had the guts and the courage to move to another location instantly to start a new chapter. Well, I know I will do it one day, just need a little more time and planning. It’s too much of a gamble for me this time. I really admire those people who have the guts and courage to take off too easily to stay/work  in a foreign land. I’ve been contemplating on doing this but not within the very near future. I don’t mind having  overseas consulting/contracting kind of job that last for a few months [on top of my day job] as it’s a great travelling opportunity.  Maybe I should start looking for one real  soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Somewhere else… something else”

  1. you should send your resume to every overseas job you can think of; I meet people all the time that just “finally pulled the trigger” and were surprised when they got a job offer…

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