Secret Dreamworld!

Secret Dreamworld.. nah this is not mine, I don’t have one.  Well, I’m just wondering why I am surrounded by people who have this thing I called “secret dream world”.  Let me explain  this.. 

SD1…  I  met her a few years ago and she actually became a good friend of mine. At first I wasnt aware of her secret dream world. She’s a  nice person, I actually admired her for having achieved so many things in life at her quite young age.  Almost everyday, she keeps bragging about her accomplishments, her wealthy friends, her 6-bedroom house in an exclusive village, extravagant life she used to live, wealthy ex-bf etc etc.. Then later on I noticed that something was kind of wrong, so I carefully listened to the details of her stories. Just when I was having doubts already, another friend who happened to know her too, told me to be careful with this person as she is not what she’s trying to portray. It was confirmed by another friend too, and after just a few more months, I proved that she is not who she is. Just feel sad for her, she is nice person (MINUS her SECRET DREAMWORLD).

SD2… I’ve known her for quite a long time now but it was only about two years ago that I noticed her secret dream world.  Everytime I tell her even the smallest thing that I have or something accomplished, she would also tell a similar story which is not true most of the time, or whenever she hears stories of other people, she also creates a story of her own. It seems to me that she always wants to “belong”. Travels, books, food, fashion stuff, work stuff… talk to her about these and she’s got them too…. in her secret dream world. I remember talking to her about something that I was looking for but couldn’t find, then she eagerly  said she’s actually seen it… so I asked her bout the details as I was really suspicious and I was right,  it  was another i-belong-moment of hers. She’s one great pretender.. I wish she would stop it. I hope somebody would  tell/remind her to wake up and act normal. I’ve tried in my own discrete little ways, but I failed. I really do hope she would “wake up” one day and leave her secret dream world…. 

There’s one more person but she’s still under observation.. 🙂

You maybe wondering why I’m so bothered by this, it’s because whenever I talk to them I tend to be paranoid, I’m not sure if there’s truth in what they’re saying 🙂 I hate paranoia but I can’t help it, knowing these people are full of lies and pretensions.  I don’t know when (or when not) to believe them…


One thought on “Secret Dreamworld!”

  1. Some people are like that. They always want to think that they are better than others instead of being happy in their own skins. It’s sad but it’s true. For me… it’s just a sign of insecurity so don’t worry about it 🙂

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