Nails done (not)…. at last

I’ve been wanting to get a manicure for a few days now but I couldnt seem to find time to do it. Tonight after I left work, I hurried to the salon but my mancurist has left home already. I had no choice but to pick someone else as I may not find time again tomorrow. It was a bit late already (I was their last client tonight) and everybody seemed  to be getting ready to go home. I was kinda of tired too so I decided to just get a simple french tips. When the manicurist finished doing my left hand, I examined my nails and I was kinda frustrated with what she did. I guess she read my face and asked me if I didnt like it, of course I said yes (in my nicest way of displaying my disappointment). So I told her to remove the polish and apply a colorless polish instead. I’ve waited for a few days to get my nails done only to end up in a colorless nail polish.  Better get up early and leave work early next time 🙂 This is my New year’s resolution by the way… but it’s  a failure once  again…  I’ll try again next year 🙂

One thought on “Nails done (not)…. at last”

  1. You many want to stick with your manicurist and if you get there just before they close, ask them first if it’s okay and make sure that they are not very tired and that they’re not rushing to get home 😉

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