Vientiane – Day 2

Day 2 – Buddha Park.   After getting all the  necessary information on how to get to the Buddha Park, we thanked the old lady and left immediately.  We were on the road again…..  


Buddha park

Richard gave me the map again, i guess he was still hoping that I could be of some help this time 🙂  So i took it from him, I folded it neatly and put it in my pocket knowing that we could still manage without it. We were okay for the first 20 minutes or so but when the roads got a bit complicated, he started asking me which way to go. So i reached for my  pocket to consult my neatly folded map and suddenly I was having  my “map moment” again.  The map was gone.. yes, all gone 🙂  He just made a sarcastic remark when I told him about it and we went straight ahead. We made a few stops to get some rest and to do a little stretching. Riding a motorbike for hours was really tiring. We made our first  stop near the Thai-Laos friendship bridge. Unfortunately I dont have the bridge photos now.  I lost too many holiday photos when my pc hard drive crashed.  I was not able to make a backup as they were on a separate pc. I was planning to back it up but I was too late. 😦  Anyway I still got hundreds of photos so I’m sure I wont run out of stuff to post.  


We made another stop a few miles after the friendship bridge and bought ourselves some cold softdrinks. Since we didnt   have a map, we tried to talk to an old woman to ask if we were on the right track to the Buddha park, and fortunately yes.. We also enjoyed a nice view of  Mekong river and some small fishing boats that passed by.  We went ahead after about 20 minutes of stopover, and drove for a few more miles. We missed the gate of the park and had to drive back on a rough for a few miles again.  They told us that cameras are not allowed inside the park but we managed to slip a tiny point and shoot digicam on our pockets plus our mobile phones 🙂  Almost everyone inside the park was taking photos, so I felt a little less guilty 🙂  


Monster pumpkin

I called this thing a monster pumpkin 🙂 We had to pass through its mouth to get inside. I could imagine myself being swallowed by a monster while entering the door.  It was a bit dark inside and we had to climb up the stairs to get to the top. The top was like a view deck, we were able to see the entire park from there. It was a bit scary though since the roof was not flat.  We had a really good view ot the entire park and I was to walk around (360 degrees)  and  able to take a few more photographs. 


view from the top
it took us here
Our accommodation in Vientiane, Settha Palace Hotel

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