Just another im-not-looking-forward-to Monday

This is not unusual, I guess many of us don’t look forward to another Monday. I woke up late this morning with a heavy head. Went to bed quite late last night as I still couldn’t seem to sleep. This is what happens when im trying hard to lose weight. I just had toasts for dinner and when I was about to go to bed, I suddenly felt hungry but I ignored it went to bed instead.. but after 2 hours I was still wide awake and starving so I had no choice, I got up and had small bite then went back to bed again. And yeah it was already 4am and I was supposed to get up at 7.30. But how could I force myself to get up on a Monday morning after a merely 4 hr sleep? So I hit the snooze  button and went back to sleep and before I knew it, it was almost 9am already… the time I was supposed to arrive at work.  Overall, my day was not hectic but i missed my trip to the salon to have my nails done as I got held up at work due to a  last-minute problem. Anyway maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, hopefully there will no more last-minute problems again.


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